Essential $450

“Kiss” ceremony – short, simple, no fuss

Maybe you want to elope – just run away with your love and two witnesses.

Exciting and intimate and can be done anywhere of your choosing between 10am and 4pm on any week day.

All the legal documents and certificates are produced by me and submitted to the BDM.

Beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation

Classic $650

Your love story written and told to suit your personalities and your wishes.

The options and possibilities for your day are explained by me, as well as the legal documents and certificates processed.

A professional yet romantic, unique ceremony presented by me in a warm and relaxed manner.

My P.A and microphone plays the music of your choice and ensures your guests will hear your ceremony clearly.

This day will be wonderful and all about the two of you and your journey.

There is my heart and then there is you….and I am not sure there is a difference

Deluxe $800

A unique and boutique ceremony.
Professional, elegant and personalised.

You have found ‘The One’, the person who makes your heart sing.

You name the where and when and I will be there for you.

With many years of experience, I will help with your wedding reading, weddings vows, music, as well as numerous ways to include your loved ones in the ceremony.

If rehearsal is requested, conducted at a time and date, convenient to all.

All the boring but necessary paper – work is done by me, you just relax and enjoy.

My ceremonies are presented with warmth, romance and a little bit of fun.

I will venture into the wilds of this world with you… I will be your safe place of Love

Terms and Conditions

  1. A BOOKING Fee of half the total amount will secure your wedding date and time. This fee is not refundable.
  2. The ‘Notice of Intention to Marry’ form will then be processed and held.
  3. The outstanding balance due will be payable two weeks before the wedding day.
  4. If a payment plan is required, this must be agreed to by myself and the couple with both parties signing said form.
  5. If for any reason the Wedding date must be shifted, this must be convenient for both parties and agreed to.
  6. Whatever time is stated on the NOIM this is the time the wedding must proceed. In every case the celebrant must be at the venue 30 minutes before commencement.
  7. If the celebration is being held outside – suitable cover must be provided in extreme weather conditions.
  8. If for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances the Celebrant can not officiate your wedding he/she will provide you with a suitable celebrant to take their place. This will not attract any extra fee. All details must be explained to the wedding party as soon as possible.